Dream Big: Global Explorer Scholarship Recipient Carolina Granaci

Born in Moldova and raised in Rome, Italy, Carolina Granaci is an International Business major. She speaks six languages, and in high school, she did an exchange year in Nebraska, USA. Carolina is one of the recipients of the Global Explorer Scholarship.

Tell us about your background.
Moving to a new country at a young age opened my eyes to how connected our world is and put me on an international path. I’ve always loved languages and I can speak six – English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Russian and German. In my 4th year of high school, I did an exchange year in the USA, in a small town in Nebraska with no more than 1,200 inhabitants. This was one of the most interesting and insightful experiences of my life, which in turn helped me find my way to John Cabot.

Carolina Granaci

Carolina Granaci

What made you decide to major in International Business?
I struggled to find a path that would fit me and my dreams but then I learned about John Cabot University. I chose to major in International Business because it allows me to think like a global citizen and learn how the world works. I love all my subjects and I’m excited for the new material that every class comes with.

What’s it like to study at JCU and in Rome?
Studying at John Cabot is an experience of its own. Growing up in Rome I never got to see the city through the same eyes I do now. What attracted me to JCU even more, is how the University offers every student the possibility to become a global citizen. Personally, I feel like I have grasped a little bit of this concept throughout my life. Being a global citizen is what I identify with the most. To me, this means having friends around the globe, knowing things that only a local would know, and appreciating every culture. The people I’ve met and my daily commute to JCU make me appreciate my decision to come here. I often think that it feels like I’m going sightseeing and meeting friends and I never feel the pressure of classes. Honestly, once you get to see John Cabot and the life-force it comes with, I don’t think anyone could turn it down.

You were awarded the Global Explorer Scholarship. What advice would you give to future students who are looking for similar opportunities?
Receiving the Global Explorer Scholarship impacted me in ways I never thought possible. It made me realize that if you set your mind to something and you work very hard to get it, then anything is possible. No dream is too big and no idea is too crazy. Getting this scholarship showed me that if I can do this then there aren’t obstacles that are too big. My advice to anyone who thinks that getting into their dream school is too hard or will never happen is to never say no. Start working for your dreams and give it all you’ve got, if you do that, there’s no way they won’t become real.

What are your plans for the future?
My goals have gotten even bigger after I got the Global Explorer Scholarship. I currently work for a skincare company where I’m in charge of the customer service department and I also work in marketing. This scholarship has allowed me to focus on finding my passions and interests, which I truly appreciate. I never say no to a challenge, so I hope that my future holds many exciting things but for now I see myself working for a really big company and getting the experience I need in order to hopefully be my own boss someday.