John Cabot University Celebrates 2022 Student Award Winners

On April 20, 2022, John Cabot University students, faculty, and staff gathered on the Secchia Terrace for the Student Award Ceremony, which was held in-person after a two-year break imposed by the pandemic. The awards, presented by President Franco Pavoncello and Dean of Academic Affairs Carlos Dews, are awarded to graduating seniors who have attained a high level of excellence in, and made a significant contribution to, the field of the award. The Dean of Students, Carla Wiegers, presented two Outstanding Service Awards.

Student Award Ceremony

Student Award Ceremony

President Pavoncello opened the ceremony by observing that the award ceremony is one of the inspiring moments of the academic year.

“The students we are celebrating today are the outstanding, unstoppable few, in a larger resilient unstoppable group. Those who have excelled against all odds, the challenges of remote education, of Covid, of uncertainty,” said President Pavoncello.

“With you we celebrate the best of JCU. The curiosity, courage, openness to the world around us, the craving to explore and learn. With you we also celebrate our outstanding Faculty and caring staff, essential ingredients for your growth and success,” added the President.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Academic Awards

The Lloyd Dodd Award in Art History: Roberta Imperiale and Natalia Barbara Stanusch

The Luciano Battelli Award in Business Administration: Giacomo Di Capua and Nicholas Robert Modlin

Anthony James Casling ENLUS Award: Martina Perelli

Classical Studies: Tatiana Tondini

Communications and Media Studies: Natalia Barbara Stanusch

Creative Writing: Katharine Malinda Campbell

Economics: Arianna Bucca

The Alan Christensen Award in English Literature: Silvia Valentini

The Brian Williams Award in History: Stephanie Suzanne Haigis and Marshall Sinclair Everett

Humanistic Studies: Giada Gavazzi and Stephanie Suzanne Haigis

International Affairs: Sophia De Berardinis and Anastasiia Savchuk

International Business: Karolina Wiktoria Godziejewska and Francesca Yang

Journalism: Giada Gavazzi and Giulia Leo

Legal Studies: Ingeborg Gruenwald and Michaela Papavero

Marketing: Carlotta Cecchetti and Francesca Cucuzza

Mathematics: Julia Kornelia Miskiewicz

Media Production: Samantha Leigh Bane

Political Science: Sofiya Utkina

Psychology: Vittoria Maione and Nadin Alexandar Stereva

Studio Art: Mariolina Falone

The Albert Walker Fuller Prize for Op/Ed Articles: Giulia Leo “When Clothes Make Her-story”

Outstanding Service Awards

Presidential Award for Outstanding Service to John Cabot University: Vittoria Maione

Student Leadership Award: Giulia Leo