JCU Student Davide Ebraheem at Italgas: The Powerhouse Behind Italy's Energy Supply

On June 15, 2023, John Cabot University student Davide Ebraheem, a Marketing major and Entrepreneurship minor, took part in the event “People Power“, hosted by Italgas, the renowned Italian energy company. The event was part of Italgas’ Talent Tour, in collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD). The opportunity was made possible by the long-standing relationship between FMD and the Frank J. Guarini School of Business.

To start off the day, Alessandro Menna, Head of the Security Group at Italgas, highlighted the company’s impressive 180-year history and its position as a solid industrial group. Menna emphasized Italgas’ commitment to digitalization, which began in 2016 with the digitalization of the gas distribution network. This initiative supports the company’s transition to a more sustainable energy future. “We see digitalization not merely as a trend but as a crucial aspect for long-term competitiveness and survival,” Menna said.

Davide Ebraheem (sixth from left) at Italgas

By embracing digitalization, Italgas has transformed its operational model, replacing manual planning, emergency responses, and repairs with a centralized system that collects and analyzes real-time data from the network. Menna also highlighted a remarkable instance of this transformative approach during the recent Emilia Romagna flooding, where the entire network was submerged, but the remote-control system kept the situation under control.

Menna presented the company’s Digital Factory, an internal incubator for innovative technologies that fosters collaboration across various departments to solve problems in just 12 weeks, through digital solutions.

Sustainability and energy efficiency also took center stage during the event. Italgas recently acquired Seaside, a Tuscan green energy company, merging it into GEOSIDE. The company actively manages its real estate assets, implementing advanced technologies and optimizing their operation through artificial intelligence, contributing to energy efficiency and sustainability. Looking towards the future, Italgas expects a rise in distributed biogas producers across the country.

The event concluded with a one-to-one interview simulation session led by Francesca Rizzo, HR Business Partner at Italgas, and Sonia Delli Gatti, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Specialist at Italgas, who provided participants with valuable feedback. “This was a great experience, as it allowed me to look at the corporate world and technology from an inside perspective, with the added value of practicing my job interview skills. I now feel better equipped to connect management theory to the reality of business,” said Davide.