A Passion for Rome: Art History M.A. Alumna Lindsay Maldari

Lindsay Maldari is a JCU alumna from Lower Hudson Valley (NY). She obtained a B.A. in Art History from Elon University in North Carolina, before graduating with an M.A. in Art History from JCU in 2022.

Lindsay Maldari
Lindsay Maldari

What made you decide to earn your M.A. in Art History from JCU?
As someone passionate about 20th-century Italian art and politics, I was always interested in Rome not only personally but also in relation to my studies. As an undergraduate, I received funding to conduct a week-long independent research in Rome on Fascist-era print magazines. That week was more than enough to convince me to return to Rome as soon as possible. Although I knew about John Cabot University, I was not aware that it offered an M.A. in Art History. Once I learned about it, I knew almost immediately that it was the perfect opportunity for learning and research in Rome.

What was your favorite aspect of the program?
My favorite aspect of the program was the large number of faculty members who are not only specialized in a variety of fields and time periods, but also intimately familiar with Rome, its museums, monuments, and archives. I consider it an incredible privilege to study with professors who are critically engaged in their fields and who make sure that students benefit from the unparalleled on-site learning opportunities that are available in a city as historically rich as Rome.

You’re currently working as Program Coordinator at Gustolab International’s Borromini Institute, which promotes food and sustainability studies. What does your position entail?
As program coordinator, I assist in the design and organization of Rome-based study abroad programs for multiple American universities. I collaborate with faculty from home universities in the form of academic advising and teaching assistance. I also help coordinate curricular activities that align with the desired learning outcomes for the various courses we offer. My favorite part of the job is engaging with the students and ensuring that they get the most out of their stay in Rome.

How have your graduate studies at JCU influenced your career?
The ways in which my time at John Cabot prepared me for my current job are endless. For instance, my time as a teaching assistant during the M.A. program prepared me well for the kind of academic advising I now carry out with undergraduate students. The on-site learning that is a key component of JCU’s M.A. in Art History program, allowed me to become familiar with Rome, which proved invaluable in planning activities for our students.

What is one JCU class and/or professor that impacted the most and why?
The professor who had the greatest impact on my overall experience at JCU is Sarah Linford. She was my professor, my teaching assistant mentor for her Classicism from Renaissance to Contemporary Art course, and lastly, she was my thesis advisor. I can say without hesitation that in all occasions Professor Linford not only provided me with the utmost support and guidance but also pushed me further in my research and coursework. It is a professional relationship that has helped me grow and evolve and one for which I will always be grateful!

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in applying to JCU’s M.A. in Art History?
I would advise anyone interested in applying to JCU’s M.A. in Art History to contact and speak with the faculty and students. When I applied, I reached out to them so I could learn more about their experiences and perspectives on the program firsthand. It was during those interactions that I was able to fully understand the level of support and critical engagement I would gain from my time in the M.A. program, which ultimately led me to choose JCU for my master’s degree.

What are your plans for the future?
I plan to continue my graduate education in Art History at the doctoral level. My long-term goal is to work in university education, for which the next step is to earn a Ph.D. I am grateful for the way these past years at JCU have increased my educational opportunities. I can’t wait to develop my JCU master’s thesis during my doctoral research.