JCU Announces Fall 2023 Triggering Change Competition Winners

John Cabot University is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2023 Triggering Change Competition. This semester, the competition focused on two UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Zero Hunger (SDG 2) and Climate Change (SDG 13).

Triggering Change is a two-minute pitch that can be done individually or in pairs. It aims to develop creative processes that inspire action on environmental sustainability. In Fall 2023, students from Richmond, the American University in London, joined the competition.

The participants presented their innovative ideas to tackle global challenges through engaging and creative pitches.

Triggering Change Competition 2023
From left: Paula Menzel, Maureen Lundi, Sara Segat, and Tara Melassi

To prepare for the competition, participants attended three preparatory sessions, that provided valuable insights and knowledge to help them with their pitches.

The first session featured Andrea Petrini Rossi, Sales Team Lead at Too Good To Go, who addressed food waste prevention. The second session was held by Domenico Schillaci, Co-founder and CTO of MUV, who discussed a sustainable mobility app with a gamification approach. The third session included Janina Peter from the World Food Forum and Bruno Ferreira from the Food Bank of Bolivia, who focused on agrifood solutions.

Sara Segat, John Cabot University
Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger (SDG 2)

Sara proposed a food rescue reward program for the Glovo App. Users earn credits by choosing imperfect or surplus food, which can then be donated to food shelters and community kitchens. This gamified approach reduces food waste and contributes to alleviating hunger, directly addressing SDG 2.

“As a Communications major, Triggering Change was a wonderful learning experience: not only did it provide me with a deeper understanding of SDGs and sustainability at large, but also with more experience in effective pitching and video editing,” Sara said.

Paula Menzel and Maureen Lundi, Richmond American University of London
Sustainable Development Goal: Climate Change (SDG 13)

Paula and Maureen shared the story of Isla, an 8-year-old kid who couldn’t see a bright future due to climate change and air pollution, and used an emotional approach to inspire action. Their pitch called for leaving cars at home and embracing cycling to address climate change.

“Thanks to this competition we learned that everyone is important to increase the awareness and especially that small changes in everyone’s behavior can have an incredibly high impact,” they commented.

Tara Melassi, John Cabot University
Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger (SDG 2)

Tara proposed an app to reduce food waste. The app helps users monitor, organize, and manage the food they have at home, promoting sustainability by checking expiration dates and reducing food waste. Tara highlighted the app’s potential to save both money and the planet.

“As I learned in the prep sessions, the majority of waste comes from households, which means that this situation comes first from ourselves and our homes, and another big chunk comes from restaurants and cafes,” remarked Tara.

As John Cabot University continues its commitment to sustainability, stay tuned for the next edition of Triggering Change Pitch in Spring 2024.

(Davide Ebraheem)