JCU and POLIMI Launch Dual MBA Degree in Fall 2024

John Cabot University’s Frank J. Guarini School of Business, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano’s Graduate School of Management (POLIMI GSOM), is pleased to announce the launch of a Dual MBA Degree in Fall 2024. The program will be based in JCU’s campuses in Rome, and aims to prepare future managers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and professionals to establish and guide an organization and to develop the critical thinking skills required to understand a complex world.  

John Cabot University's Critelli Campus
John Cabot University’s Caroline Critelli Guarini Campus

One of the major trends in business education is to bridge the development of excellence in management, decision-making, and technological skills with liberal arts, interdisciplinarity, and critical and creative thinking. “The Dual MBA Degree was born out of a strategic vision to provide our students with a comprehensive and globally oriented business education, recognizing that in today’s interconnected business landscape, professionals benefit significantly from exposure to diverse perspectives and expertise,” explained Professor Barbara Sveva Magnanelli, Program Director. “This dual-degree initiative allows students to earn an MBA from JCU and a second MBA from POLIMI GSOM, leveraging the strengths of the two institutions to offer a truly enriching educational experience,” she added.

The Dual MBA program is characterized by its commitment to fostering a global mindset and preparing graduates for the challenges ahead. Several key aspects distinguish the program, including the international faculty, which is comprised of renowned academics and industry professionals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the program’s curriculum emphasizes the practical application of theoretical knowledge, incorporating real-world case studies and industry projects, and will provide students with global networking opportunities. Lastly, the program’s location in the heart of Rome, a city with a rich history and a dynamic business environment, will allow students to gain a unique perspective on global business trends, rooted in the wisdom of the past and projected towards the progress of the future.

The Dual MBA program is crafted to cater to ambitious individuals with a desire to stand out in the dynamic landscape of global business. The preferred applicants are students who are dedicated to academic rigor, embrace a global perspective, and understand the significance of navigating international business intricacies. In addition, the program is designed to attract individuals who actively embrace diversity, thrive in multicultural environments, and recognize the benefits of challenging their own certainties. Lastly, the program is tailored to driven professionals who are eager to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and markets and motivated to achieve commendable goals in their careers.