John Cabot University Celebrates 2024 Student Award Winners

John Cabot University held its annual Student Awards Ceremony on the Secchia Terrace on April 18, 2024. The Academic Excellence Awards, presented by JCU President Franco Pavoncello and Dean of Academic Affairs Stefano Arnone, are given to graduating students who have attained a high level of academic excellence in and made a significant contribution to, the field of the award. President Pavoncello also presented the Presidential Award for Outstanding Service and the Interim Dean of Students, Ariana Damaske presented the Outstanding Student Leadership Award.

“This past year has been an important one for JCU, with the renovation of a new campus, the continuing growth of many academic programs, and the recent recognition of our university by, ranking us as the top institution globally for academic study abroad,” said President Pavoncello. “But today we celebrate our outstanding students, many of whom have already been admitted to prestigious graduate programs all over the world. These students are a testament to what our institution can achieve as an international American liberal arts university known for educational excellence and community building,” continued the President.

Academic Excellence in Art History (The Lloyd Dodd Award) – Luca Guimaraes Fustagno and Elizabeth Thorpe
Academic Excellence in Business Administration (The Luciano Battelli Award) Tiberia Di Maggio
Academic Excellence in Classical Studies – Matilde Lalli and Ethan James Watson
Academic Excellence in Communications and Media Studies – Vittoria Ferri and Marouso Pappas
Academic Excellence in Creative Writing – Carla Sophia Mawgain Apel     
Academic Excellence in Economics – Roberta Ingenito and Giovanni Tremontini
Academic Excellence in English Literature (The Alan Christensen Award) – Grace Jennifer Louise Cuozzo
Anthony James Casling ENLUS Award – Mariarosaria Di Bagno and Marica Loffreda
Academic Excellence in Finance and Accounting – Gianmarco Ariola and Robert Ionuț Savu
Academic Excellence in History (The Brian Williams Award) – Erin Marie Doyle and  Erick Valencia Marin
Academic Excellence in Humanistic Studies – Danah Alkhafaji and Yurim Ko
Academic Excellence in International Affairs – Victoria Scarlett Brizzi and Anita Finco
Academic Excellence in International Business – Valeria Bonannella and Elisa Stabiano
Academic Excellence in Italian Studies – Christopher James Schwarten
Academic Excellence in Journalism – Gea Villa
Academic Excellence in Legal Studies – Mariarosaria Di Bagno
Academic Excellence in Marketing – Flavia Del Prete and Sara Turati
Academic Excellence in Mathematics – Giovanni Tremontini
Academic Excellence in Media Production – Vittoria Ferri and Anastasiia Lazareva
Academic Excellence in Philosophy – Grace Jennifer Louise Cuozzo and Jessica Maria Frylmark
Academic Excellence in Political Science – Emily Grace Morrissey
Academic Excellence in Psychology – Valeria Frezza and Nicole Spaziani
Academic Excellence in Studio Art – Kristin Elizabeth Fiorvanti

The Albert Walker Fuller Prize for Op/Ed Articles – Alexander James Tsukakoshi for “Harmonizing Words”

Presidential Award for Outstanding Service to John Cabot University – Francesco Albano and Carlos Santander
Outstanding Student Leadership Award – Danah Alkhafaji and Sara Piperno

On April 16, John Cabot University hosted its annual Student Life Engagement Celebration, a testament to our commitment to nurturing leadership, service, and excellence in both academics and extracurricular activities. This event underscores our dedication to fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus culture. A total of 197 students were honored for their remarkable contributions across various domains, including Student Leadership Programming, Sports, Community Services, and Orientation.