JCU Professors Publish in the American Journal of Ancient History

The American Journal of Ancient HistoryThis 600 page volume of the American Journal of Ancient History (AJAH) contains 20 peer-reviewed papers delivered at the conference “The Roman Empire during the Severan Dynasty,” organized by John Cabot University’s Programs in Classical Studies and Art History (April 15–16, 2011). The conference commemorated the 1800th anniversary of the demise of Septimius Severus, the last great emperor to lead the Romans prior to the third century crisis.

The volume was edited by Eric De Sena, and the papers highlight the historical, social and cultural episodes, conditions, and trends of the Empire at this time including J. Koehler’s More water for Rome: nothing new in the Eternal City? Aqueducts, fountains and baths of the Severan Emperor and E.T. Walters’ Unitas ex Africa: was Tertullian the “origo” of Imperial unification? The volume is available in JCU’s Frohring Library.

Eric De Sena (Ph.D., University of Bradford, U.K.) taught ancient art and archaeology at John Cabot University (2003–2012) and currently directs the American Research Center in Sofia. J. Koehler (Dr. Phil., University of Munich) teaches art history and archeology while E.T. Walters (Dr. Phil., University of Vienna) teaches classical and religious studies at JCU.

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