John Cabot University Celebrates 2015 Student Award Ceremony

The John Cabot University community gathered on the Secchia Terrace on April 21st for the 2015 Student Award ceremony. President Franco Pavoncello, Vice President and Dean Mary Merva, and Vice President Andrea Giummarra praised this year’s group of winners, not just for their impressive academic achievements, but also for the many ways in which they have contributed to the growth of John Cabot University.

“The fact that John Cabot University is attracting such exceptional students makes us very proud and reassures us that we are moving in the right direction. We are grateful to these students, for the intelligence, creativity, and determination that they bring to the University have a tremendous impact on the quality of the institution itself,” said President Pavoncello.

2015 Student Award Ceremony

2015 Student Award Ceremony

Congratulations to all our winners! Here is the full list:

Academic Awards

The Lloyd Dodd Award in Art History: Rosa Flaminia Palermo
The Luciano Battelli Award in Business Administration: Stanislav Rudoi
Classical Studies: Angelo Viglioglia
Communications: Federica Brizzi, Francesca Mirabile
Creative Writing: Diedré Marie Blake
Economics: Stanislav Rudoi
English Literature: Loredana Mihani
Finance and Accounting: Stanislav Rudoi
The Brian Williams Award in History: Matthew Thomas De Bari
Humanistic Studies: Emilia Cianci
International Affairs: Anna Butuzova, Arianna Moccia
Italian Literature: Anthony Albert Mastroianni
Manuela Pignata
Mathematics: Alessio Chiesa, Mattia Dus
Political Science: Iglika Hristova Mancheva, Giorgio Trappolini
Psychology: Gabriele Cotronei, Arianna Moccia
Studio Art: Geraldine Hope Ghelli

Outstanding Service Awards

Presidential Award for Outstanding Service to John Cabot University: Chadiedja Buijs, Anna Butuzova
The Alessandro Mioni Student Award: Alexandria Jessica Maloney-Williams
Student Leadership Award: Chadiedja Buijs
Service to the John Cabot University Community
Chadiedja Buijs, Alessio Chiesa and, Mattia Dus, Alessandro Petrucci
Community Service Award: Alessandro Petrucci
Student Worker Award: Oriana Quaglietta
Sports Award: Davide Menci
The Albert Walker Fuller Prize for Op/Ed Articles: Alessandro Ceschi

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