Bernhard Schroeder, JCU’s First Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship

Professor Bernhard Schroeder, Director of San Diego State University’s nationally recognized Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, will be teaching two courses at John Cabot University in Rome this summer in Session I. He will be teaching Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Marketing courses.

Professor Schroder is JCU’s first Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship, which is one of our initiatives to expose JCU students to professors from leading programs. JCU has an academic partnership with the study abroad program at SDSU and is encouraged to see students from each university attending programs from both universities. Professor Schroeder has been teaching on the SDSU campus for more than ten years and teaching study abroad courses, including in Rome, for more than six years.

Bernhard Schroeder

Bernhard Schroeder

Professor Schroeder blends his academic career with that of being an accomplished entrepreneur. Together with three co-founders, he built a $1.2 billion company in Silicon Valley. The creation of this company led him to work with and provide the early marketing strategy for Amazon, Yahoo, and Travelocity, as well as creating strategies for Mercedes Benz, American Express and other leading brands. He is quoted frequently in both local and national media and has spoken at TEDx events.  He also teaches several entrepreneurship courses (Creativity and Innovation, Entrepreneurship Fundamentals, Business Model/Plan Development for Entrepreneurs) within the Fowler College of Business at San Diego State University.  His first book, Fail Fast or Win Big was released in February 2015.  His second book, Simply Brilliant was released in October of 2016. His third book, Brands and Bulls**t was released in 2017.

Professor Schroeder will be teaching these two courses in Summer Session I:

Bus 305 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
This course examines the entrepreneurial process, from recognizing opportunity to planning, organizing and growing a new venture. We will highlight innovation and its methods and applications on business opportunity analysis. Topics covered also include significance, status, problems, and requirements of entrepreneurial businesses. Students will have the opportunity to identify a business opportunity and develop the idea to the point of being able to pitch to investors.

MKT 399 Entrepreneurial Marketing
In this course, we will explore how marketing and entrepreneurship affect and are affected by one another. We will look at the role of marketing in entrepreneurial ventures, and the role of entrepreneurial marketing efforts within various kinds of organizations. We will examine how redefinitions of products and services can lead to disruption in an industry and the opportunity to seize market share. The approach will take an integrated marketing focus blending the traditional marketing tactics of relevant advertising and public relations with the new marketing tactics related to content generation, SEO, email marketing, online marketing, etc. Students will assess real-world problems at the marketing-entrepreneurship interface and create marketing plans for existing businesses or startups.