Caffè Con Vista: The Coffee Cup With a Roman View

Caffè con Vista Coffee Cups

Caffè Con Vista Coffee Cups

Italy is known worldwide for its coffee. Most Italians drink it every day, several times a day, and in dozens of different ways. The tazzina (Italian coffee cup) is also typical of the Italian tradition and it is perfect for drinking the famous espresso. Caffè Con Vista is an Italian brand that produces coffee cups that combine Italian tradition with art.

Stephen Paul Schneider, founder of Casa Editrice Vision, together with Francesca Jacobone, President at Zétema Progetto Cultura, and Ely Rozenberg, designer and co-founder of Caffè Con Vista, were invited to John Cabot University for a lecture within Prof. Salvatore‘s course “Made in Italy: the Italian Business Environment” on March 6.

What sets Caffè con Vista cups apart from the rest? Ely Rozenberg explained that the cups are inspired by an artistic technique adopted by Renaissance and Baroque artists: the anamorphic vision. This technique consists of printing an image around the perimeter of a porcelain plate. The surface of the coffee cup is then covered by a layer of a platinum mirror that reflects the image printed on the plate. The image is thus projected on the whole cup, giving the illusion of depth. The most striking and beautiful sights in Rome, such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon, are displayed on the reflecting porcelain surface of the cup. The cups are made of high-quality materials such as Bone China porcelain and platinum. Bone China porcelain is used to give the cup a special thickness and a whiter appearance typical of English porcelain.

The business idea behind this product is to create a cup conceived as an innovative souvenir capable of capturing the Italian cultural heritage. The panoramic view displayed on the cup is designed to function as a “memory recovery;” in other words, it was created for tourists who visited Rome to help them remember their stay in the Eternal City while sipping a cup of coffee.

Although the majority of Caffè con Vista partners are museums, Jacobone and Rozenberg hope that coffee brands such as Lavazza, Illy, and Bourbon will soon become their sponsors as well. Jacobone concluded by stating that the vision of a project is the most important step in the brand’s creation and establishment. Therefore, the best way to create innovative products is to study the market and find a way to change it.