DayBreakHotels Company Testimonial: How to Market Hospitality Services

DayBreakHotels is the first online booking website and app focused on the reservation of hotel services offered exclusively for daytime use. On May 30, JCU welcomed Christiane Friedl, the company’s Senior Market Manager, to Professor Antonella Salvatore’s course “Principles of Marketing.”


DayBreakHotels with Christiane Friedl (right)

Friedl explained that DayBreakHotels was born from the experience of Simon Botto, the company’s CEO. A former water polo player who used to travel a lot, he often struggled to find a place to stay during breaks between one match and another. When he realized that many people had the same problem, he decided to propose a solution.

DayBreakHotels has partnerships in 16 countries with over 4000 hotels that offer their services to customers who make reservations through the startup’s website or app. Through DayBreakHotels, customers can reserve a room, a meeting room, or book a spot at the spa, restaurant or swimming pool in any of the affiliated structures. The advantage for customers is that they can use hotels’ services at a convenient price and have unique experiences in luxury hotels. On the other hand, hotels find it profitable to work with DayBreakHotels, because its system encourages clients to make reservations during the week and mostly during daytime hours, which are the least busy times. This means increasing revenues and employment, as well as visibility and overnight sales. Regarding this last aspect, customers who book a room for daytime use are more likely to book again for the night through the hotel website, if they have a positive experience.

DayBreakHotels’ business is growing quickly and spreading both nationally and internationally. In order to promote its services, the company has launched a variety of marketing campaigns from radio and television to social media. In addition, it is also enhancing its reputation in the hospitality field, thanks to numerous partnerships with four and five stars hotels. In fact, the main concern of high-end hotels is to preserve their brand reputation and selected clientele. For this reason, it is important for DayBreakHotels to prove that neither of these two will be affected and their established partnerships serve as a proof of reliability and professionalism.

The case of DayBreakHotels proves that most of the time successful business ideas come from daily-life experiences and from the need to find a solution to a problem shared by many people. As Professor Salvatore stated, “Thanks to Ms. Friedl, students were able to understand how to sell intangible goods, such as services, and how to make their value tangible.”

(Giorgia Tamburi)