Reshaping Matter: A Virtual Art Exhibition Organized by Students

The Continuing Education program “Culture, Tourism, and Events Organization” aims to prepare professionals capable of creating and managing events and businesses linked to the world of culture and tourism. A decisive step towards that objective is applying the theoretical notions learned in the classroom under the guidance of the instructors, who are all active professionals.

Continuing Education - Reshaping Matter

Continuing Education – Reshaping Matter

In the context of the course “Management and Design of Cultural Events,” students Eleonora Caratelli, Francesca Cavallo, Giuliana Fiore e Alessia Procopio, had the chance to organize a virtual event called “Reshaping Matter,” under the supervision of Professor Jacopo Benci, visual artist, curator, and Contemporary Art lecturer.  

The project was developed entirely from remote. The students met the artists via videoconference and studied their works in order to prepare the exhibition on a website created specifically for this purpose.  

Professor Benci specified that, notwithstanding the virtual modality of this process,the students’ experience was real, by all means: they worked as a team and individually to get to know and deepen their knowledge of the artists’ work, before and after the interviews. 

The Reshaping Matter website showcases a few selected works of art and reflections on the internationally renowned artists Fiona Crisp, Mark Dunhill & Tamiko O’Brien, Michael Mazière, and Aisling Hedgecock, who were selected by Professor Benci to participate in the project.  

The main themes of the exhibition are the haptic aspect of art and the re-elaboration of materials, the destruction of the preexisting to create something new.  

The students said in a joint statement that “thanks to the 2020 Continuing Education courses Culture, Tourism and Events Organization and  Management and Design of Cultural Events held by Professor Benci, we had the possibility to create a virtual exhibition with a unique and innovative approach to the world of art and culture, and the opportunity to have a privileged and professional interaction with important contemporary artists. 

Says Professor Antonella Salvatore, Director of the Center for Continuing Education, “This project embodies all the objectives of the Culture, Tourism, and Events Organization program because it allows participants to explore the value of culture in Italy, in its widest form. 

The virtual exhibition will be available until October 20, 2020.