Careers in the Post COVID Era: JCU Welcomes Deloitte Risk Advisory Consultant Carolina Zappa

Carolina Zappa - Deloitte. Logo


JCU Professor Antonella Salvatore welcomed Carolina Zappa, Risk Advisory Consultant at Deloitte, to her Principles of Marketing class on October 6, 2020, for a talk on “Consulting Jobs & Careers in the Post COVID Era.”

Deloitte is one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms and the most extensive professional services network worldwide. As Risk Advisory Consultant, Zappa provides assistance in areas such as consulting and legal advisory. Her job consists of providing insurance programs for data protection regulations, which is a priority task for companies dealing with security data.

Currently, Zappa is working on seven different projects simultaneously, but her major focus revolves around anti-corruption laws (ex D.Lgs. 231/2001). When asked about the challenges of her job, Zappa stressed the need to constantly keep up with changes in regulations and to understand clients’ needs. “Every client is unique and has different expectations. This is why supporting each client and ensuring continuous assistance is so important for us,” she commented.

What makes Deloitte one of ‘The Big Four’
“At Deloitte,” she added, “one has the opportunity to work and collaborate not only with multicultural teams but also with higher-level people. The fact that they have more experience really motivates me to push my limits.”

Zappa also said that now that the amount of work is slowed down by COVID regulations, it is hard to find a balance between professional and personal life, especially when one has to focus on a project over the weekend. “Fortunately, Deloitte offers its employees meditation sessions at the end of the week to help them reconnect with themselves,” said Zappa.

Dealing with the post COVID era
Following COVID safety policies, Zappa said that the company had to redesign its approach to clients. “Our company is tailor-made so we take good care of our clients. Of course, with the pandemic, the way we work and engage with them is different,” explained Zappa. Technology has encouraged the supplier-client interaction, and Deloitte decided to schedule weekly check-ins with customers, in particular when handling difficult projects.