Meet Political Science Student Katarina Djorovic

Student Katarina Djorovic is from Belgrade, Serbia. Before coming to JCU she spent her last year of high school at the Symbiosis International College in Pune, in the Maharashtra region of India. Katarina is a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Business Administration, Communications, and Italian Studies. She speaks Serbian, English, and Italian.

During high school, you spent a year studying in India. What was that experience like?
I am very grateful for the experience I had in India when I was seventeen years old. I believe that everything that’s happening to me academically and professionally today stems from the experience I had in India. I was assigned a wonderful host family that inspired me and taught me so much about Indian culture. We are still in touch today, and I update them regularly about my life in Rome.

Katarina Djorovic

Katarina Djorovic

What made you decide to study at John Cabot University?
My year abroad in India enriched my intercultural understanding and proficiency in the English language thus, for the continuation of my studies, I decided to enroll in an American university in Rome. I wanted to be surrounded by the eternal culture of the city and get the opportunity to learn another language while enjoying the benefits of an American education.

How did you come to choose a major in Political Science and minors in Business Administration, Communications, and Italian Studies?
I have been passionate about political science ever since high school. My mom, who works in this field, has also been a role model and an inspiration for me. At JCU, I have been able to take great courses with amazing professors from my very first semester. My academic advisor suggested that I really take advantage of the American system and combine a minor with my major. Since I have many interests, one minor did not seem to be enough, so I chose three! My Business minor is helping me to back up the political approach with practical knowledge, while Communications is helping me to convey my ideas more effectively. Lastly, I decided to add an Italian Studies minor because I am living in the capital of Italy, and every day I am discovering something new about culture, tradition, and values.

You are a recipient of the Marija Govedarica Memorial Scholarship. What is the significance of this scholarship to you as a young woman from Serbia?
The Marija Govedarica Memorial Scholarship has a huge significance for me. I am very grateful to the Govedarica family, for trusting me and giving me this opportunity. I am honored to follow Marija’s path since she was very passionate about her studies and earned an M.A. from Columbia University after graduating from JCU. She wanted to create more opportunities for students from Serbia, and around the world, who wanted to study but did not get a chance due to economic and social factors. Thus, I would first of all, like to continue her legacy after my graduation and express my gratitude through a practical application of the values I share with our beloved Marija Govedarica. This scholarship is helping me to develop my potential and make connections with people from all over the world in order to acquire the skills necessary to hopefully become a compassionate global leader.

What are some JCU courses and/or professors that have had an impact on you?
I was lucky to have Professor Michael Driessen, who is the Chair of the Department of Political Science as one of my first professors. His courses reinforced my desire to major in Political Science and I really enjoyed doing the research paper for his class. I also started taking Italian language courses right away because I really believe that if you are going to live in Italy, you need to know the language in order to assimilate the culture. Last spring, I took Professor Berenice Cocciolillo’s Advanced Italian course, as I intend to become fluent in the language. Even though this course was demanding, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made. In general, the Italian language faculty at JCU is excellent, so I encourage all students to study the language. I also really enjoyed Professor Erika Tasini’s Introduction to Cinema class, where we examined several masterpieces in order to learn about the art, history, and business of film. Other great professors that I was lucky enough to take courses with were Pamela Harris, Seth Jaffe, Camil Roman, and Giulia Rossi. In my humble opinion, any course you take with them will be pure joy! 

Tell us about your experience as a Resident Assistant for JCU Housing. How do you manage to find a balance between working and studying?
Working for JCU as a Resident Assistant has helped me to become more organized and confident in a professional setting. Overall, I would describe the work of an R.A. as a job where there is something new to be learned every day. Each day can bring a new challenge, such as interactions with different types of people who may require different approaches. Knowing that I am capable of organizing my time for my studies and work makes me feel fulfilled at the end of the day. I would say that in a day there is time for everything if you organize yourself and set priorities.