JCU Welcomes Alumna Carola Carlesi from L’Oreal Company

Professor Antonella Salvatore’s Retailing Applied to Fashion Industry class welcomed Alumna Carola Carlesi for a talk called “Brandstorming with L’Oreal” on February 3, 2022. Carlesi shared her experience working with the JCU Center for Career Services to obtain her current position at L’Oreal Company.

Carola Carlesi

Carola Carlesi

Currently, Carlesi works as Talent Acquisition Specialist at the L’Oreal Company, one of the leading brands for cosmetics around the globe. Her role is to recruit talent that will add diversity and innovation to the company, as well as taking these individuals through the company’s unique interviewing and hiring process.

Carlesi introduced the L’Oreal company by explaining its four product divisions, such as the Lux Division which includes recognizable brands such as Prada and Valentino. Carlesi emphasized that L’Oreal is committed to the “strategy of universalization” that aims to understand and respect differences across various cultures and demographics. This concept also means creating a wide variety of products that fit all global needs by holding almost 500 patents and representing 150 different countries. Another main focus at L’Oreal is sustainability through the dedicated reduction of damaging CO2 emissions in their industrial activities. Carlesi explained that by 2030, the company aims to reduce all emissions by 50% per finished product, setting a positive example for other manufacturing companies to follow.

Carlesi talked about how diversity is the focal point of her Human Resources work, ensuring the development of a workplace that represents various cultures, voices, and ideas, and that also offers a wide range of products that can fit various consumer needs.

Carlesi invited her colleague Diogo Pascoal to talk about his role in Human Resources Management at L’Oreal and the importance of innovation. Pascoal urged students and young graduates to take risks and to develop innovative ideas that will kickstart their careers. He also invited John Cabot students to enter L’Oreal Brandstorm, a worldwide innovation competition that has three different divisions regarding inclusion, sustainability, and technology.

Carlesi graduated from JCU in 2016 with a B.A. in International Affairs and accepted a role as Intern Recruiter at Kelly Services. From this experience, Carlesi found her passion in Human Resources Management. She was then accepted into the London School of Economics, where she obtained an M.A. in this field and embarked on her new career path in Human Resources.