Define, Create, Craft, Amplify: Alumna Emily Rosu on Caffeina

“Anything in the world can be written and invented through digitalization and creativity.” – Caffeina Slogan

Professor Antonella Salvatore welcomed alumna Emily Rosu to her Principles of Marketing class for a talk called “Marketing Strategies of a Digital Agency with Caffeina,” on February 2, 2023. Rosu, who graduated from JCU in 2018 with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in English Literature, currently works as Associate Social and Content Manager at the digital agency Caffeina, in Rome.

Caffeina Logo

Caffeina Logo

Caffeina operates in four main areas: consultancy, creativity, digital production, and digital media. The agency offers research-based solutions to better understand consumer habits and needs. Caffeina’s in-depth research helps with the analysis of brands and its refinement and focuses on the areas that need improvement. Caffeina’s aim is to create an “impactful experience by fueling new energy between brands and people.”

Rosu explained that Caffeina utilizes a four-step method to accomplish this task: company, category, consumer, and culture. They start by researching the company and the brand to acquire as much data as possible. They then investigate the field the company is in and its competitors. This leads to the consumer aspect, in which the customers’ wants and needs are explored to find a solution. Finally, regarding culture, Caffeina researches the trends and behavior of people who are interested in the brand to stay up to date.

Rosu said that one of the most recent and popular companies Caffeina has worked with is the AS Roma football club. In 2022 they were asked to create a “Derby Experience” to attract tourists and English speakers to participate in a contest that would fly the winner out to Rome to watch the game.

Caffeina’s team created slogans and digital content to advertise the contest. They assisted with getting the message out to as many people as possible, using social media as their main tool to achieve a high turnout. They used their four-step strategy to accomplish their goal, and they are still working with AS Roma today.

Rosu concluded by saying that following a strategy to analyze the world around us is pivotal to having a communication plan that works. Brands depend on knowing everything about the customers and competitors in order to achieve their goals, which shows the potential of the digital agency field and why it has continued to grow.