What's new at JCU

“Italy’s Divided Memory: Fratture d’Italia”

The Guarini Institute of Public Affairs was pleased to present a roundtable discussion on John Foot's recent book published by Palgrave McMillan and Rizzoli.

Guarini Institute for Public Affairs Screening: Il Corpo delle Donne

On February 10, the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs screened, Il Corpo delle Donne, a short documentary on the portrayal of women on Italian network television.

International Panel Discussion: 20 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Co-sponsored by Accademia d'Ungheria, Ambasciata di Polonia, Ambasciata della Repubblica Slovacca and Istituto Culturale Ceco.

Guarini Institute Presents: “The War on Terror: Eight Years Later”

The panel assembled in the Aula Magna Regina on October 14, 2009 at John Cabot University concerning "The War on Terror: 8 Years Later", which emphasized the importance of understanding numerous perspectives concerning this complex topic.

The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs Presents: “Fighting Impunity” with Professor Mauro Politi

Professor Politi drew upon his great experience in the area of international law and international organizations to deliver his lecture at John Cabot University on October 6, 2009 on the rise of international criminal law and the establishment of the International Criminal Court.

Guarini Roundtable Discussion: “Clash of Civilizations? The Challenges of Explaining Italy to the US Public”

On June 16, the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs presented the roundtable discussion Clash of Civilizations? The Challenges of Explaining Italy to the US Public. Moderated by JCU Professor Peter Sarram, the Guarini Institute roundtable discussion hosted by John Cabot University featured the remarkable participation of five journalists...

Guarini Institute Panel and Film Screening: Miracle at St. Anna by Spike Lee (USA, 2008)

The third Spring 2009 event promoted and organized by the Guarini Institute featured the screening and discussion of Spike Lee's famous last work: Miracle at St. Anna.

Guarini Institute Panel and Film Screening: “The Reporter and the Genocide: Gareth Jones and the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33”

The Guarini Institute conference hosted by John Cabot University and co-sponsored by Fondazione Liberal focused on different aspects of the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933. The morning section opened with a welcoming speech by JCU President Franco Pavoncello, and by the Ukrainian Ambassador to Rome, Mr. Heorhii Chernyavskyi.

Guarini Institute Lecture: “Italy Against Itself” by Alexander Stille

Renowned journalist Alexander Stille explores the institutional and political crisis in which Italy has been trapped in for 15 years.

Guarini Institute Roundtable Discussion: “One Month to Go – The US Presidential Elections and Europe”

Frank Guarini, Lucio Martino, Giorgio La Malfa and Silvio Fagiolo discuss the upcoming Presidential election and its significance for Europe.

“The Politics of Climate Change”: a Lecture by Lord Anthony Giddens

Lord Giddens tackles the reasons for the resistance our politicians show towards accepting climate change.

Guarini Institute Panel Discussion: “After the Italian Legislatives and the Pennsylvania Primaries”

The Guarini Institute panel featured Lucio Martino, Professor Lawrence Gray, Professor Pamela Harris, and Professor Federigo Argentieri.